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Step back, over one hundred and fifty million years, to the Golden Age of the Dinosaurs. This is a time when delay mega-carnivores prowl the forests and mighty whale sized herbivores walk the land.

This is Jurassic - when giants ruled the earth.

Witness the resurrected reputation of the Brontosaurus and watch one young calf's journey to become the THUNDER LIZARD he was born to be.

Hardcover Graphic Novel
96 pages


Review Snapshot

"A strong storyline with plenty of excitement. Rechlin said it has been described "as kind of a mix of nature documentary and an action-adventure story"." – from Ed Kemmick, Last Best News

"Scientific accuracy, a story with perpetual motion all its own, and incredible artwork make Jurassic easy to pick up and read in one sitting" – Dinosaur Cutlure

"Gripping story, up to date science, engaging visuals" – Andrew A. Farke, Ph.d. , Paleontologist