Tyrannosaurs Rex

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Meet Cobalt, forty foot long, seven ton apex predator. Cobalt is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most famous dinosaur of all. He is trying to stake out a territory of his own. Not an easy task, even for a T. Rex! Cobalt's world is one where his food can bite back and meeting another T. Rex can be more dangerous than anything else.

Based on all the latest science, this educational graphic novel brings the Cretaceous world and the King of the Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex to life, like never before.

Hardcover Graphic Novel
80 pages


Review Snapshot

"Ted is part of a lineage of creators, such as Charles Knight and John Gurche, who seek to show you what we dinosaurs looked like in our lifetimes" – @SUEtheTrex (Field Museum Chicago)

"Ted Rechlin brings you the Tyrant Lizard like you have never seen before" – Jan Freedman, Natural History Curator at Plymouth City Museum, UK

"Ted Rechlin’s new story is a glorious tribute to the carnivore" – Brian Switek, Paleontologist and Author

"I’m a full grown adult and I read this book over and over, just enjoying the artwork and Ted’s vision of the Cretaceous. I have a lot of happy cousins that have received copies of Tyrannosaurus Rex for birthdays!"  – Reviewed by Novel West